Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Pt england buddies

Making art with light

this book was really cool because the made a light and they had awsome Ideas.

Blog commenting

Today I was commenting and I comment on 2020s blog and it was awsome. 

Chrome book cards

This is my card because I want a chrome book and I m a year 4 on December the 24th and I need a chrome book so if my parents buy me a chrome-book I will be happy and excited and be ready for my own chrome book.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

PointEngland buddies

For this I had to make it with dough and bark and other stuff then I added detail

and I named it Christina because it kind of sounds like Christmas.


When we did the rangoli it was really easy to make it but the circle was hard.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

La Luna

first In the beginning The movie felt really relaxing.

I liked the part when they kept fighting about

how the boy should wear the hat when the two men told the boy to

Climb the ladder when he was flying in space he didn’t know what was happening.Next When he saw the moon they were walking through the 

stars and kicking the stars and the stars were going to 

The left and they were going to the right.they were very serious 

When they saw the stars.

 After that I watched the part the two men and the child they

Were  brooming the stars to make a crescent moon and it looked satisfying and it looked very beautiful and the was the story but I didn’t Know how the ladder balanced on the boat.